Mutneys Sweet Christmas Schampoo

279 kr


Limited Edition – General Purpose – for all breeds and coats

Mutneys Sweet Christmas Shampoo is suitable for all dogs. It has a sweet and spicy festive fragrance, that will remind you of Gingerbread and Amaretto at Christmas time!
This shampoo gently cleanses and conditions, to leave the coat soft and manageable.

Dilution rate: Up to 10:1

All Mutneys  shampoo and conditioner range is a unique collection of products which promote a fantastic looking coat, whilst ensuring active care and protection for your dog’s skin and fur. All of Mutneys shampoos and conditioners are made in the UK and are manufactured with natural oils and essences, this means that it won’t strip a dog’s coat of the natural oils needed to protect it. Proven formulas that have been made this way for over 25 years!


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